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Premier Feed & Fibre (PFF) is an Australian owned and operated business located in the centre of our most historically rich Riverina district of New South Wales.

Since early 2020, we have made some changes:  New production team, a new management philosophy and a change of ownership.  All this reflect our goals to meet the Riverina values. With improved production systems, feed formulations and an excellent team commitment - the plant and processing capabilities of PFF are second to none.

 Our goals:

  • Quality formulations (advised by Creswell Nutrition)
  • Quality products (ruminant pellets and mash)
  • Documented product consistency
  • Reliable delivery for both high and low volume orders.
  • Excellent customer service.



PFF pellets and mash offer excellent weight gain results that have a healthy fibre inclusion, lessening the need to feed additional hay/straw ultimately improving your profit margins. The high fibre inclusion assist you to manage acidosis issues making our feeds safe and effective with little buffers required. PFF also provides a flexible service should you require your own specific formulation.

Who are we

Our production team is led by Cameron McIlveen. Cam has over 40 years in both the cattle and dairy industries and has a clear understanding of livestock behaviour. 

The principal of the business is Mike Betar. Mike has immense experience in the field of commodities, ensuring only the best quality and price for raw materials are sourced.  Real benefits passed to you, our client and valued customer.

Creswell Nutrition is highly experienced and with a long history with ruminent livestock health and productivity: Accurate formulation and documentation with every product we provide to you.

Clive Weston has been retained to ensure our Finley operation continues to meet its stated goals.

Beef or dairy cattle, sheep and goats; if you are feeding your livestock any supplementary diet then PFF can provide the perfect nutrition balance for your animals.

Feel free to ring Clive and have a chat about your requirements.

tel:  0414 61 7777


PFF 1812 or PFF TMR Mash

for increased dairy productivity

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08:00am to 04:00pm Monday to Friday

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